• Learn How to Become a HIGHLY Paid Speaker or Coach!
  • Learn How You Can GROW any Business Through Speaking!
  • Learn “The Godfather of Speaking’s” 5 Speaking SECRETS!
  • Learn How to Become a Great Communicator and Leader!
  • Learn How the Great Speakers Can Be EVEN BETTER!
  • Learn How to FULLY Engage ANY Audience EVERY TIME!

Not Only Do We Train People To Be

High Earning Speakers, Coaches, & Entrepreneurs

We Create Them From Scratch!


We Are Looking for Individuals Who Want to Become Authorities in Their Niche!


We Want Individuals Who Desire to Be Impactful, Memorable, and Profitable!

If You Can Answer YES to ANY of the Following, YOU Can NOT Miss This Event

  • I Want to Grow My Business Through Speaking
  • I Want to Be a High Earner As a Speaker or Coach
  • I Want to Be a Master at Branding
  • I Want to Be a Marketing Master
  • I Have a Message That I Want to Get Out
  • I Want to Help Others Succeed in Life & Business
  • I Would Like to Be a Better Communicator
  • I Want to Learn the Power of Persuasion
  • I Want to Close Like a Pro
  • I Want to Maximize My Potential
  • I Want to Earn What I Am Worth
  • I Want to Leave a Legacy

Why Should You Attend The Speaking Group’s FREE Online Speaker Training?

Welcome to The Speaking Group,
Where We Are Here to Help You…
START Unknown & Finish Leaving a Legacy!

Whether You Just Want to Be a Better Communicator, GROW Your Business Through Speaking, or Become a HIGHLY Paid Speaker or Coach, The Speaking Group is Your Blueprint to SUCCESS


Whether You Are Already a Professional Speaker, Starting Off From Scratch, or Somewhere In-Between, The Speaking Group’s FREE Online Training Is Just What You Need.  Led by Our Master Trainer Hall of Fame Speaker Joel Weldon, He Will  Share With You His 5 POWERFUL SECRETS to Becoming a Great Speaker… Plus a Whole Lot More! This Exclusive Free Training Will Be Like a Shot in the Arm Giving You a Shortcut For Immediately Becoming an EVEN BETTER Speaker!


Known in the Professional Speaking Industry as “The God Father of Speaking”, Joel has Been Speaking Professionally for Over 45 Years and Has Even Coached Other Hall of Fame Speakers Like Brian Tracy. He Has Successfully Coached All Types of People Such as Professional Athletes, Olympians and Business Moguls Like Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. In Fact, He Has Personally Coached and Critiqued over 10,000 Other Speakers Too.


You Might be Saying “So What ?  Who Cares? And HOW Does That Even Help Me?” Well It Can Absolutely Help You in So Many Ways, Especially Since You Will Get to Have Joel as Your Coach and Trainer During Our Upcoming Online Training.  Don’t Miss Out, Because on This Training, Joel Will Be Teaching You Some of Those Same Exact Techniques That He Taught Those Celebrities, But the BEST Part is… You’re Getting It for FREE!


Becoming a Great Leader, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, or Authority was Once Something that was Greatly Feared, but Now Times Have Changed.  YOU have a Message Burning Deep Down Inside You That You Want to Get Out But May Not Know How! Now Is Your Chance to Manifest Your Dreams and Make The Impact That You Were Destined to Make.


Even if You Already Have a Product, You Can Always Sharpen Your Skills and Learn How to Present Better and Maximize Sales and This Online Event Will Help Guide You With This. Maybe You Have a Passion to Motivate Other People and Help Them to Create Something Big in Their Life, This Event is Perfect Timing for You Too!


If You Have Any Interest at All in Being an Amazing and Impactful Speaker, You Simply Cannot Miss our Next FREE Online Training.

***Seating is limited and they are on a first come First Serve basis. So when the seats are full it will be closed out!!


  • How to Be an Even Better Speaker, Communicator, and Leader
  • How to Be a Highly Paid Speaker, Coach, or Entrepreneur
  • How to Get the Results You Want EVERY Time You Speak
  • How to Make an Immediate Connection With ANY Audience
  • How to Always Deliver the Right Message By Asking One Simple Question
  • How to Speak With Such Clarity That Your Message is Never Misunderstood
  • How You Can Always Keep Your Audience Fully Engaged
  • How Powerful Story Telling Is, and WHAT You Need to add Before Telling it.
  • How to Properly Open and Close Every Presentation Like a True Pro
  • How to Use Visuals, Handouts, and Audience Participation for Massive Results

Meet Your Coach & Hall of Fame Speaker

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Joel Weldon

● Professional Speaker for 44 Years
● Inducted in to the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame
● Received the highest award as a Professional Speaker “The Golden Gavel”
● Has been Paid to Speak over 3,000 times
● Nicknamed “The Legend of Speaking, and “The Godfather of Speaking”

For the past 44 years, Joel Weldon has been one of the most highly acclaimed and sought-out professional speakers in America. He has been paid to speak at over 3,000 events, all accomplished without any booking agents, speaker’s bureaus or marketing efforts on his part. This has been achieved through referrals and repeat engagements. Even clients who hired him to speak over 40 years ago continue to hire him to this very day.

Joel is one of the only seven original founders of the National Speakers Association (NSA) that is still working full time as a professional speaker, the premier trade Association for 4000+ professional speakers, and he has the distinction of winning practically every major speaking award. For instance, Joel was awarded the highest honor in speaking called THE GOLDEN GAVEL. Joel received that recognition even before other speaking giants like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell and other speaking legends eventually received theirs. Joel was one of the first speakers in the world inducted into the prestigious PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS HALL OF FAME and was recently named “A LEGEND OF PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING” and “THE GODFATHER OF SPEAKING.”

What makes Joel such a highly successful and sought-after speaker is his effective and proven step-by-step systems that can teach anyone to elevate their game greatly, earn more money, and have tremendous success as a speaker, author, or coach, regardless if they are a novice or even a consummate professional. Joel has a unique way to help you connect with any audience and make your message even more impactful, memorable, and most importantly, applicable.

Joel and the team of elite speakers at The Speaking Group’s Event will provide you with knowledge and ideas that you can immediately implement in your business and life. Joel has also personally coached and critiqued over 10,000 speakers. He has transformed all types of speakers, authors, and coaches from novice, to intermediate, and advanced. He has been personally hired to coach one-on-one some of the world’s best speakers, who want to use his expertise to become even better speakers. This includes TV broadcasters, Olympic and professional athletes, as well as business Legends like Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, and Verne Harnish (world acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, and founder of EO -Entrepreneurs Organization). Plus, legendary Hall of Fame Speakers like Tom Hopkins, Larry Winget, Glenna Salsbury, Willie Jolley, and Rita Davenport are close personal friends of Joel’s.

When you hear Joel speak, you will not only learn a lot, you will have a lot of fun with his high-energy, fast-paced, and humor-filled delivery, but most importantly, you will KNOW how YOU can become the speaker you have dreamed of being. 

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